4D Ultrasound

Bashir NeuroSpine Institute is offering the best ultrasound services. Ultrasound imaging uses high-frequency sound waves in a quest to envision structures & organs in the body. The body is being analyzed by spreading the jelly over the skin area. The transducer detects the reflected sound waves to make detailed pictures that are recorded in real-time displayed on a computer screen. ​

Ultrasound is that the most secure, easy, and primary evaluation to rule out any abnormality.

Get your tests diagnosed at BNI, we are providing good patient care outcomes that are actually cost-effective. Visit us to get your ultrasound at a reasonable price.

Bashir NeuroSpine Institute is offering the best 4D ultrasound services:

Our 4d Ultrasound machine provides distinctive touch gestures. That enables us to do much more than you ever imagined. Providing us with extremely simple & quick exams, allowing us to put patient care first.

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