Headaches are a very common condition that the majority of people can experience again and again throughout their lives. The most symptom of a headache is a pain in your head or face. This may be throbbing, constant, sharp, or dull. Headaches are treated with medication, stress management, and training programs.

Headaches are a significant explanation for absence from work. They additionally take a toll on social and family life. For a few individuals, regularly battling headaches will result in feeling anxious and depressed.

There are over a hundred varieties of headaches. They make up 2 main categories:

Primary headaches

Primary headaches are those that aren’t because of another medical condition. The class includes:

Secondary headaches

Secondary headaches are associated with another medical condition, such as:

If you face these symptoms then get treatment at BNI:

Tension headaches are the foremost common kind of headache among adults and teenagers. They cause gentle to moderate pain and are available and reconsider time. they sometimes haven’t any different symptoms.

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