Spine Specialist

We offer a comprehensive vary of solutions to assess, diagnose and treat all sorts of issues moving the spine. Our spine unit obtaining them the proper designation and treatment with the best outcome remains the foremost vital thing about the service we offer.

When thinking about spine surgery there is a variety of decisions out offered by Top Spine Surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan as under:


It is referred to as a surgical way of opening the foramen through that the nerve passes and gets compressed. The widening did either through an endoscope or microscope immediately relieves pain.


Laminectomy makes the wide opening of the spine if constriction is circumferential compromising several roots. It's usually needed in the elderly.

Laser Discectomy

Usually is completed for little disc prolapse inflicting leg pain. The disc bulge should be contained and not obvious prolapse on imaging. It's done below sedation and also the patient goes home after a few hours.

Endoscopic Discectomy

If the rupture or maybe bulging disc material presses on a nerve root or straightly on the neural structure, the endoscopic/microscopic spine surgery is acted to get rid of the half on the disc that's leading to pain.

For you to grasp a lot regarding your decisions for high spine surgeons in Lahore, Pakistan, It’d be best if you raise around for the foremost counseled ones and their experiences with them. You’ll raise some friends and acquaintances for recommendations or tips.

It is vital that don’t just select any spine doctor however primarily as a result of the instant you step into the operating theater to urge treated, you entrust your life to him. His treatment and surgical capabilities can confirm the success of the surgery. Select well the person you’re aiming to trust your life with.

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