Here at Bashir NeuroSpine Institute, we are dedicated to providing the best pathology services in Lahore. It underpins each facet of patient care, from diagnostic testing and treatment recommendation to using the latest genetic technologies and preventing disease.

In our pathology lab, all kinds of tests that patients need are performed on modern machines. These tests are performed in proper Controls, Calibrations, and through Bar Coding which play a vital role in patient’s diagnosis and their treatments and follow-ups. In this way, all the facilities are available to the patients in the lab and they go home after recovering by the command of Allah.

BNI’s Pathology Services team features great experts with multidisciplinary expertise in all types of drugs, biologics chemicals, & devices, offering several routines & specialized pathology services.

Prof. Dr. Faiza Bashir

MBBS, BSc, M.Phill, FCPS

Head of Pathology-Hematology

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