Best Doctor For Spine Surgery

Prof. Asif Bashir is one of the best spine surgeon in Lahore Pakistan with vast experience in advanced spine diseases and pathologies. He’s a skilled and master of Endoscopic Spine Surgery, Endoscopic cervical, thoracic, and body part discectomy in Pakistan, Endoscopic back surgery, Best brain surgeon for Endoscopic spine surgery in Lahore Pakistan, Endoscopic spinal fixation for spinal Injury, Endoscopic decompression for spinal pathology.

Spinal fusion surgery involves using a bone graft to prevent the motion at a painful bone section, that successively ought to decrease pain generated from the joint. Spine surgery instrumentation (medical devices), bone graft procedures, and a bone stimulator are typically used in conjunction with fusion.

The surgeon makes an incision (cut) over the affected section of the spine all the way down to the plate (bony arch of your vertebra), to access the compressed nerve. The nerve will be pulled back towards the center of the spinal column & a part of the bone pressing on the nerve will be removed.

There are many sorts of medical doctors who will offer patients medical procedures to take care of the spine, like physical drugs and rehabilitation specialists, spine doctors, and neurologists. However, once it involves surgical take care of the spine, there are 2 kinds of specialists who are trained to perform spine surgery: orthopedic spine surgeons and neurosurgeons.

Because the spine could be an extremely advanced and demanding element of the shape, it’s vital that patients recognize which sort of sawbones to hunt surgical procedure from once they are experiencing a spine-related injury or condition, like neck pain, scoliosis, or spinal stricture.

At Bashir NeuroSpine Institute, you will get the most effective spine surgeries.

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