Coma Treatment

Coma is a state of consciousness that’s the same as deep sleep, except no quantity of external stimuli (such as sounds or sensations) will prompt the brain to become awake and alert. A person in a coma can’t even reply to pain. A good variety of sicknesses, conditions & events will cause coma.

Coma happens once there’s a significant drawback with the brain’s arousal system (the reticulate activating system), or with its communications between different brain areas (such because the cerebral hemispheres) and therefore the brain’s activity becomes impaired.

In some cases, an individual will descend into a persistent vegetative state, wherever the brain has lost its higher functions (including consciousness, cognizance, and personality) however retains involuntary functions like respiratory and swallowing, rate, and pressure.

The symptoms of coma include:

Treatment of coma depends on the cause and severity, however, could include:

If you or your kid has any of those headache symptoms, get treatment at Bashir NeuroSpine Institute right away:

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