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About The Hospital

The Bashir NeuroSpine Institute is a world-renowned leader in patient care, serving the larger community and patients from all across the world. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff gives support throughout our several departments and centers, from primary visits to emergency care.

Our mission is to facilitate people who travel primarily for the purpose of seeking medical treatment. International medical travel is done by patients from less developed countries to major medical centers in developed countries for treatment that is not accessible in their home country. We pride ourselves on having the highest A+ ranking. We place constant efforts to provide excellent client experience. We have an extended list of positive reviews.

At BNI, your health and safety are our highest priorities. We are always ready to take care of you & your family. We keep you safe and guarded so that you can get the care you need. We wish to create your medical visit as easy as possible.

Your Ideal Healthcare Destination

Every year, Bashir NeuroSpine Institute treats patients traveling from numerous countries to seek treatment at the hospitals. Our extremely knowledgeable staff is aware of exactly how to assist international patients like yourself. At BNI we go the additional mile to not only give you the best medical treatment but undivided attention and care the instant you arrive at the airport.

Regardless of your concern, whether it's regarding your medical history, help with finding a suitable hotel close to the hospital for your accompanying relatives, or coverage by respective international insurance providers, our international representatives are here to assist. The following lavish luxury hotels that we provide you near the hospital are:

Get started by discovering the primary few steps on how to plan your trip. You can also find and ask a doctor via online consultation before deciding to travel for medical treatment.

Plan Your Trip

We understand that seeking medical treatment outside your home country may be a physically and emotionally exhausting experience and we know that it will be a stressful ordeal. Our International Patients Department strives to confirm that you simply not only feel at home throughout your stay but also makes sure you return to your country in good health. The International Patients Department at BNI was established to help patients in planning and getting ready their travel itinerary to the hospital. At BNI, we take the hassle to not only give you the best medical treatment and procedures but make sure you feel most at home and comfortable throughout your experience with us.

You can refer to the information below to plan your trip to Bashir NeuroSpine Institute.

Learn About BNI

Throughout our website, we attempt our greatest to provide you with information regarding our procedures, specialties, doctors, and hospitals. Should you plan on considering BNI as one of your destinations of choice for medical care, take the time to find the technologies, competencies, services, and facilities we provide. In case you're curious about a certain specialty hospital but are unsure of your choice, get in touch with a representative for more guidance.

Selecting Your Doctor

Once you've chosen a treatment location, discuss it with an online International Representative or a doctor and send over your questions including reports and medical history. BNI comprises of a large group of internationally qualified doctors and health professionals, ensuring each and every patient receives the best care and treatment.

Selecting Your Doctor

We aim to reply to each question within 48 hours. Please kindly note that depending on the nature of the question, we could raise further inquiries to provide the most accurate response. It's additionally the case that the doctor may ask for your medical records to be ready to communicate available treatment options.

Arranging Your Travel Plans

For patients traveling abroad for medical aid for the first time, below are helpful pointers to assist you to plan your journey. In any case, should you need someone to help guide you through, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Check with your current doctor, or receive a free online consultation with BNI’s specialist to see if you're suited to travel overseas in your current health and medical condition.

Once you decide to continue your treatment abroad, keep your local doctor informed to continue your follow-ups in your home country.

Learn more about the procedure including; what are your expectations and what's achievable from the surgery. Consult with your doctor about what will be expected throughout your recovery and if any physical therapy is needed.

New patients should send over a copy of their passport to receive a Visa invitation letter from the hospital. Once the patient receives the hospital's invitation letter, it's imperative to share their flight itinerary with the International Representatives.

Bring along necessary documents with you including Visas, records, MRI scans, and other medical documents.

At the airport, the hospital staff will arrange an airport pick-up service for the patient with supplementary hotel assistance.

Your Stay

If you prefer to stay at a hotel near the hospital during your treatment we will assist you with room arrangements, according to your preferred budget.

Arriving at BNI

Upon arriving at the hospital, kindly note that you are required to show your passport at the registration counter to complete your patient registration with the hospital. The hospital can keep a copy of your passport for your hospital record.

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