Neurosurgery Treatment

The Department of surgical procedure provides high-quality take care of neurosurgical trauma patients, high-quality instrumentality for spinal fixation, and progressive neuro-monitoring facilities. The neurology department compliments the surgery team and it’s through this harmonious system that the awing potential care is provided to the patients as per international standards.

This department has been continuously taking initiatives to pace up with the newest technological advancements within the field of surgical procedures. The combination of magnifier with neuro-navigator and neuro-endoscope can additionally improve the outcomes and results of brain and spine tumor surgeries as per international standards. Alternative edges embrace faster patient recovery with a small incision, lesser possibilities of infection and pain, and guaranteeing shorter hospital stays.

Our specialists operated on a large range of cases for the brain, spine, and neural structure. Notable for correct identification and treatment of brain & spine diseases. Effective use of advanced surgery techniques (Microscope/Endoscope) makes him, without doubt, the most effective neurosurgeon! Due to the impressive success in quantitative relation of his completed procedures, they’re thought of as the great Pakistani Neurosurgeons.

Bashir’s Neurosurgery Department provides services of qualified and intimate neurosurgeons to treat and manage:

Serving patients in want of various neurosurgeries, our surgical procedure department is one of the best departments at Bashir NeuroSpine Institute.

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